Zinjutsu Kung Fu (A Way of Life)
Yin Sen Shu Zinjutsu is a serious Kung Fu fighting art that teaches the student a sense of self respect, pride, confidence and self esteem. It is beneficial to men and women of all ages.
Online Training Videos
We now have over 85 training videos available with at least 2 new videos added each week.

If you are unable to attend a Martial Arts School due to distance, finance or time, you can join our online training program for $7.50 NZD per month. You will have access to our short and simple training videos.

Learn self defence, traditional forms, weaponary and Kung Fu. Zinjutsu Kung Fu trains you in techniques from White to Black belt from day one.

Tai Chi Yang Short Form and numerous QiQong breath techniques are also available.
Fast Hands 24
Cane Fighting
Tai Chi
Choke Defence
Knife Defence
Animal Forms Taught
Zinjutsu Kung Fu has six Animal Forms, each with a unique style.

Weapon Forms Taught
A variety of weapon forms are taught and used in Zinjutsu, each with distinct form and technique.